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Compiz Fusion Screenshots

Compiz Fusion Screenshots

Here are some Compiz Fusion Screenshots of mine. Compiz Fusion Plug-Inns help you to make lots of things that you never seen. Just use your imagination then leave it to Compiz Fusion to complete.








Screenlets for Compiz Fusion and Beryl

Screenlets for Compiz Fusion and Beryl (for KDE and Gnome)

Screenlet is a gadget functioning like Windows Side Bar in one aspect. But there are screenlets whose function is more sophisticated than side bar. Thanks to Screenlets it will be easy for you to check weather condition, watch CPU process, adjust Amarok playlist and more and more. Just click on download and get a Screenlet for you Distro.

1. Radio Screenlet

2. Clear Weather Screenlet

3. Disk Usage Screenlet

4. Net Monitor Screenlet

5. Gmail Screenlet

6. CPU Meter Screenlet

7. Side Bar Screenlet

8. Google Maps Screenlet

Wallpapers for Compiz Fusion and Beryl

Wallpapers for Compiz Fusion and Beryl

Here are some wallpapers that are really very very well and I believe that they are going to make your desktop seem really different from the others'. All you have to do it to click the download links.

1. Fiord

2.Green Swirl

3.Few more Beryls

4.Ubuntu Green Soul

5.Compiz Fusion Wall


7.Butterfly Woman

8.Debian Buddha

9.Burning Wall

10.Amarok in Blue


And my favorite is:

Click on in to download.

Cubecaps for Compiz Fusion and Beryl

Cubecaps for Compiz Fusion and Beryl

Cubecaps are pictures which are designed for Desktop Cube's bottom and up side. You can download these pictures for you caps.

1.Dharma Logo (from Lost)


2.CubeCap Drops


3.RMWS2 Cubecaps


4.Linux Black Top